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Lubricants, greases, oils and anti-fog to allow a good maintenance of your airsoft equipment.

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ABBEY - LT2 grease pot  (50ml)
Price €7.50

The LT2 grease is made from molybdenum, it limits the friction between metal parts. This ABBEY LT2 grease will lubricate and protect your metal parts by remaining on the friction areas even at high temperatures. Suitable for example for the internal lubrication of gearboxes, spring guides, GBBR bolt carriers, GBB slides, etc.

ABBEY - Silicone grease...
Price €5.90

ABBEY silicone grease in 20 ml jar. Thanks to its high viscosity and its adhesion, this high quality siliconed grease remains stable over time. It is suitable for protecting and lubricating plastic parts in friction with plastic or metal parts. Example of use: GBB slides, valve / gasket maintenance, sniper cylinder, etc.